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3 metre hand-built diorama of hanoi apartment block by nguyen manh hung

I was born and raised in an apartment block in the capital hanoi. with over 20 years experiences of living in it, I found it does not take much of urban life but rather is a complex area ‘village’ stacked on top of each other. it is self-improvement of living space, farming, growing vegetables and upgrade living conditions in the prevailing promiscuous. there are people share everything and not much about privacy, confidentiality. I question myself: ‘do angels could live together in a paradise?

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Afgelopen weekend opende in een van mijn favoriete Nederlandse musea, de Pont in Tilburg, de expositie van de Duitse kunstenares Katharina Grosse. Ze is vooral bekend door haar installaties waarin de schilderkunst, letterlijk en figuurlijk, een nieuwe dimensie krijgt. In De Pont maakte zonder andere 68 grote en ter plekke beschilderde ballonnen, waarvan sommige een doorsnede hebben van wel vier meter!

Je hebt nog tot 9 juni om naar Tilburg af te reizen. Op de Facebook pagina van De Pont staan trouwens wat leuke making of foto’s.

» Alle info vind je op de website van De Pont


Tumblr Artist

Hua Tunan | on Tumblr (b.1991, China) - 色彩鹦鹉 Color parrot

Chen Yingjie, better known as Hua Tunan, is one of the leading young forces in the world of Chinese street art. Living in the coastal city of Foshan, Hua Tunan’s training in classical Chinese and illustration drives his unique street art style. He often explores new ways to combine Western graffiti styles with traditional Chinese methods and elements including ink painting, drum rhythms and a variety of cultural symbols. Hua Tunan is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective. Please visit his website or follow his Tumblr for more work.

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Hua Tunan | on Tumblr - 色彩山水 Color landscape

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Page extraite de Daredevil, par David Mack.



Page extraite de Daredevil, par David Mack.

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Clase Premier December 2012 Cover

Clase Premier January 2013 Digital Cover /portait